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About Sunrider Products:
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What is Sunrider?

Sunrider has helped me achieve financial freedom. It has changed my lifestyle and helps me feel healthier and younger.

  • Sunrider is the international leader in the direct selling and herbal health food industry. Since 1982, Sunrider has helped millions of people achieve financial freedom and health in over 33 countries.

  • Sunrider researches, formulates, and manufactures over 400 herbal, household, and skin care products in one million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. In 2004, Sunrider purchased an additional 850,000 square feet of manufacturing space near Los Angeles.

  • Sunrider is one of the most recognized companies in China with 5000 retail stores and still growing.

  • Sunrider has achieved such great success because they offer the best compensation plan and the best products.

  • Because of Sunrider, I can travel the world, pay for my car, and have a great lifestyle. If you join Sunrider and are willing to work - you, too, can own a business you love, make money quickly and simply, and enjoy Sunrider's award-winning products.

What is the Philosophy of Regeneration?

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder and Chairman of Sunrider, developed the Philosophy of Regeneration based on his extensive study of herbal nutrition and pharmaceutical medicines. Because of his degree in pharmacy, Dr. Chen recognized that pharmaceutical medicines are a valuable and often necessary way to treat disease and its symptoms directly. However, Dr. Chen also knew that the body already has the tools to repair, cleanse, and balance itself. To keep our bodies healthy, we have to feed our bodies proper nutrition every day. Thus, the Philosophy of Regeneration says that nourishing and cleansing your body with the best combination of foods and supplements will help improve overall health.

Read about the Philosophy of Regeneration

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About Sunrider Products

Are Sunrider herbal products safe?

Yes! If you can eat normal meals, you also can eat Sunrider herbal products.+ Many herbal products on the market are ineffective. Some may even be dangerous. However, Sunrider's products are safe, superior, and effective because of very important differences, such as:

Formulation and Owner's expertise: Experts in herbal nutrition and medicine, Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen personally formulate Sunrider's exclusive herbal products. Sunrider uses only the best herbs that have been proven safe and effective for centuries. This is why Sunrider does not manufacture unhealthy "fad" products, such as those containing ephedra or ma huang.

Thorough Research: Sunrider's formulations are the result of thorough research in our state-of-the-art labs. This ensures the safety and efficacy of each product.

Extraction & Concentration: Rather than simply grinding up the herbs and packaging them, Sunrider maximizes the effectiveness of the herbs and retains essential elements or ingredients through a trade-secret concentration process.

Quality Control & Self-Manufacturing: Sunrider guarantees the stringent quality control and safety of Sunrider herbal products by manufacturing the products in its own state-of-the-art facilities. Other companies often use subcontractors and cannot supervise the quality control procedures used to manufacture their products.

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Are Sunrider products organic and natural? Do they contain preservatives or other additives?

Organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, additive-free, never radiated, vegetarian, vegan, and certified kosher.

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Are Sunrider products vegetarian or vegan?

Yes. Sunrider products are both vegetarian and vegan, and free of animal proteins - and products are not tested on animals.

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Are Sunrider products kosher-certified?

Sunrider understands that kosher-certified products are important to many of its Distributors and consumers. Therefore, products manufactured by Sunrider Manufacturing, L.P. are certified kosher by Star-K, one of the most respected kosher-certification agencies in the world. Sunrider products are also certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which is the supreme Jewish religious governing body in the state of Israel, controlling many aspects of life, including kosher certification. Star-K Certification documents, which include complete listings of kosher certified Sunrider products, can be viewed here.

Kosher Criteria & Sunrider Quality: The barometer of kosher and non-kosher depends primarily on two variables: the source of the ingredients and the status of the production equipment. Kosher certification, which is the guarantee that the food meets kosher requirements, revolves around these two criteria. Sunrider self-manufactures its products in state-of-the-art facilities, with the highest quality control, and carefully formulates all of its products. These factors contribute to achieving kosher certification and to the uncompromised quality of all Sunrider products.

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How can I buy Sunrider products?

If you are a Distributor or Club Member, you may buy Sunrider products from your sponsor or directly through Sunrider. You may order products through the Sunrider website, by phone, fax, mail, or office visit.

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Are Sunrider products expensive?

No. You will not need to spend extra money by switching brands to Sunrider. You will actually save money and use less product because our superior replacement products are highly concentrated and made from the best quality ingredients. Not only that, our Distributors can earn personal rebates and income with the Seamless World Compensation Plan.

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What is the Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack is Sunrider's most popular pack. It contains many of our best-selling products and essential marketing tools in one convenient package. The Starter Pack makes a great gift and introduces people to Sunrider's high quality products. It can also help you get your Sunrider business off to a successful start. When you buy a Starter Pack, you will have accumulated $100 in product purchases and can join as a Sunrider Distributor. It can be simple and easy to make money right away by selling the Starter Pack and earning retail profits.

  • The Starter Pack makes it simple to share Sunrider and promote products.

  • Whenever you sell the Starter Pack, you can earn retail profits!

  • You can buy the Starter Pack from your Sponsor or directly from Sunrider. It's a small investment to enjoy the best business opportunity and the best products.

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Using Sunrider Products

If I take Sunrider herbal products, can I stop taking my medication?

No! You should continue to take your medication and inform your doctor that you are consuming Sunrider herbal products. You should only stop taking your medications when your doctor advises you to do so. Sunrider herbal products are intended to nourish the body and improve overall health, not to treat or cure specific diseases or replace medication.

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Sunrider products are safe and effective. Can they cure my arthritis?

Sunrider does not have products for arthritis or products that cure diseases, so you should consult your doctor. If you want to nourish your body with the right kinds of products, try Sunrider's herbal foods such as the products in the SunPack. These foods will give your body a healthy balance and also help to maintain your immunity. But arthritis is a long-term disease and you need money to pay for medical bills. Sunrider can help you earn money to pay for those bills. It is so easy to share with people. I enjoy the products and make money by sharing the Sunrider products with others. If you are interested, I can show you why Sunrider is my choice.

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Can I mix the herb-food products with drugs?

The products are foods. You generally don't run into problems mixing foods with drugs. It's when you combine two or more drugs that you get the problems. In fact, after all of the experience with the formulas, both here and in China, there's never been evidence of any problem mixing the products with drugs. However, wherever you're using drugs, you should be working with a physician who can help you become aware of, and cope with, any unforeseen problems.

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If I use Sunrider products, can I quit taking my drugs? Can I quit taking my vitamin and mineral supplements?

Many people can, in fact, quit taking drugs. Remember, drugs and the Sunrider products apply two opposing principles. Drugs substitute; the products regenerate. The purpose of substitutes is to stabilize us until we're able to regenerate our bodies. If the products in fact regenerate your body, you'll no longer need a substitute. However, if you're taking a drug, don't stop, or even reduce the dosage, unless you consult with your doctor. You have to be an expert to handle substitutes, and that's what doctors have learned to do. It would be senseless to have their knowledge at hand and not use it. But find an open minded doctor.

You can probably also stop using vitamin and mineral supplements. Many people have, but you'll have to discover if you can by experimenting. If you can't tell that they make a difference, don't take them. If they make a difference, keep them up. The best way to get rid of supplements, of course, is to take the Sunrider products, and eat good, wholesome foods at mealtimes. Then you'll be almost guaranteed to be getting what you need without the extra expense of isolated vitamins and minerals.

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Can I become dependent on the herb food products?

The general answer is No, not in the sense that people become dependent on drugs. Drugs are substitutes, and it's easy to come to depend on substitutes. Sunrider herb food products are foods, and while we depend on foods in the sense that we can't live without them, we rarely come to depend on specific foods because so many different foods contain the same nutrients. So if your body needs a particular nutrient that the products offer, you become dependent on the products only if you can't find another source for the same things, which you may, in fact, do. The products are unique in the sense that they work well and no one can copy what they offer. What they are is convenient, and all the work of preparing them and studying them has been done for us. If we choose to work hard enough to find an alternative, we'll probably find it, but then we'll still depend on the alternative.

We often need more of the products to start with , less later on. This is because of the "shift" principle discussed in the previous question. It takes more work (and presumably more careful nutrition) to push the body over the shift to health than to keep it healthy once it's shifted. So once you're past the shift, you may be able to use less of the products. If fact, if you're willing to live a principled life, watch what you eat, watch your attitude, exercise, and so on, you may not need the products at all. There's nothing that says you have to use them for the rest of your life, but you'll certainly be dependent on principled living, and you'll want to use the products as long as they make a difference.

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How soon can I expect results from the herb-food products?

Some people experience results almost immediately. Others need to build their body for a while before they notice much difference. To a degree, it depends on what you're trying to achieve. Candida, for example often persists for months. Blood pressure may respond within a day or two. You may experience an increased sense of well-being within a few hours. Or you may not. Everyone is different. There's no way to predict, so we just have to take things as they come and learn to experiment until we get our body working. In the meantime, here are some bits of information that may be useful:

The idea that nutrition works slowly is a myth. Nutrition works instantly, but we may not see it. Vitamin B1, for example, helps form a molecule that carries carbon dioxide (CO2) away from our cells. When we don't have enough vitamin B1, that carbon-dioxide carrying molecule doesn't work, and CO2 starts to build up inside our sells. When the condition gets bad enough, we call it beri beri. The instant we get more vitamin B1, our body forms that carbon-dioxide carrying molecule and our cells start to clear out the CO2. In that sense, nutrition isn't slow: whenever we need nutrients, we use them the instant we get them.

But sometimes it takes a while for the effects to get strong enough so that we notice them. And sometimes the body works on something other than what we're looking for. We may be eager to lose weight, for example, but the body may "know" that something else is more important. So the nutrition goes to the important things, which we don't notice, while the body holds weight loss off for a while, which we do notice. So we think nothing's happening, while in fact we're progressing just as we should.

So be open to subtle changes, and don't compare yourself with anyone else. Allow your body to follow its own pace, content to know that you're experiencing instant benefits, even though you may not know what they are.

Of course, this sounds like an argument that could keep you taking useless products forever. If you truly feel that you're getting nothing from a product, stop taking it. There's no sense wasting your money. But trust your intuitions. If you are getting benefit, even if you aren't aware of it yet, you'll probably have some sort of intuitive sense that you ought to persist. Follow that intuitive sense, and you'll eventually see the clear benefits that you're looking for.

Sometimes your body changes through sudden shifts. Our body's job is to keep our insides steady while our outsides fluctuate. Outside temperature goes up and down, for example, while inside temperature stays constant. We eat different things and different amounts from day to day, while our body keeps our blood nutrients at a constant level.

The more dramatically our outsides fluctuate, the harder the body has to work to keep our insides constant. If our outsides fluctuate broadly enough, our body may actually undergo a sort of shift, or reorganization, that allows it to stabilize at a less-healthy level, but one that it can at least maintain.

When we stabilize our outsides (meaning that we nourish ourselves better, stop polluting ourselves, and so on), the body will eventually restabilize at the healthy level, but it may have to reorganize itself to do it. So it may go along at the less healthy level for quite a while until conditions are right for it to reorganize, at which point it shifts, and we suddenly feel better. People actually get up one morning feeling like a totally different person. In fact, life's like that in a lot of areas, not just health. We work hard, getting nowhere it seems, then suddenly we shift. The key, in health as in everything else, is to not give up just before the shift.

Getting impatient can actually slow us down. The point of the products is to shift our body molecules to healthy levels. But our emotions also shift our molecule levels, and negative emotions shift them in negative directions - so emotions can actually cancel the effects of the products. And anxiety makes us less discerning. When we're anxious or worried, we notice only dramatic changes; and subtle messages elude us. So being anxious can make it seem like we're getting nowhere, while if we'd just be more accepting and a little less fearful we might notice the subtle changes that are going on inside. Those subtle changes can often guide us to use the products a bit differently - to take more or less, for example, or to try a different formula. If our anxiety causes us to miss those messages, we may not be able to adjust how we use the products to get the most from them.

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The products seem expensive. Can I just use a little of them?

Nothing is expensive in any absolute sense. You have to compare cost against value. There are people who spent a few hundred dollars for Sunrider products and stopped using drugs and medical alternatives that were costing them thousands of dollars a year. There are wage earners who faced death and used Sunrider products to defeat it, preserving in the process many years' worth of income for their family. There are people who weren't sick exactly, but didn't feel as buoyant as they wanted to, who spent money on the products, recaptured that buoyancy and vitality, and used it to become more successful in their careers. At the very least, someone who feels that they can't afford the products can start a Sunrider business with no goal other than to pay for the products they use. People who believe that they can't afford the products probably haven't explored all of their options, or they haven't really considered what it could mean to them to be healthy.

The products, can in fact, be expensive if we don't use them wisely. If we use them unwisely, we spend money without getting value. For example, perhaps we buy the products, then take them sporadically, skipping a day here, taking more the next day to make up. Or we take the products for a while, get the body just about ready for the shift, then we quit, so the body starts to disorganize itself again, and we lose the value we had gained.

Or we believe that we can't afford as much as we need, so we take just a little bit, never quite taking enough to push the body over the shift into health. So we spend less money perhaps, but wastefully, because we never see benefit from it.

The only way to get full value from the products is to take them consistently and conscientiously, committing to do whatever we need to do to be healthy. Then it's up to us to turn that health into the sort of value that justifies our having spent money to achieve it.

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Why do I sometimes get symptoms when I take the products?

Symptoms are often signs that our body is healing itself. When it starts to get stronger, it starts to heal itself more powerfully, and we may experience the healing as symptoms.

Sometimes regenerating one part of the body can overload a bottleneck in some other part of the body. For example, Calli beverage helps the body cleanse itself. We eliminate waste through the kidneys, so drinking Calli can give the kidneys a bigger-than-normal job. If the kidneys aren't up to it, the body will try to get rid of the wastes through another channel, perhaps through the skin (which may show up as a rash), or perhaps by causing us to throw up. Some people say, "Oh, don't worry about it, it's just a healing crisis."_ But it probably isn't a good idea to overload a bottleneck, so if you begin experiencing discomfort, you might consider backing off a bit, starting with a smaller amount, and working your way gradually to larger amounts.

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How do I know how much to take?

You experiment. You start with the amounts recommended on the product labels, observe what happens, then adjust. People sometimes have a hard time with them, because we're so used to having doctors tell us exactly how many pills to take, and we're used to dramatic relief of the sort that people sometimes experience with drugs, which are substitutes and therefor much more controlling. But here we're called upon to make decisions for ourselves and we do so by observing very subtle changes. It's a different sort of experience.

But we have a sense about our body that we can't explain, any more than we can explain to someone how we recognize our mother's voice. We just do it. Our senses take very complex data inputs (to use a computer term) and transform them into simple-yet-powerful experiences that are rich with meaning and beauty, so rich that what we experience is literally beyond words. To put words on things, we have to translate them into something our conscious mind can grasp, and our conscious mind can think of only one thing at a time. It has no sense of richness or beauty, both of which are our subconscious experience of harmonious complexity. So we experience much of life, without being really able to talk about it.

But we can learn to trust it. So to know how much to take, start with the standard amounts, then discern what you're experiencing. Vary the amounts, or vary the formulas, and see how the experience changes. Don't be anxious, and don't insist on understanding everything. Just discern what you're feeling, and if things aren't working yet, try something else. What you try isn't as important as the simple fact of trying it. If you persist, you'll eventually learn what's best.

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Can I get scientific evidence to back up the products?

Scientific studies have confirmed the products, both in the U.S. and in China. But Sunrider has chosen not to relay on scientific studies as evidence. Here's why.

First, scientific evidence can always be disputed. Those who are inclined to disbelieve can always point out that you had too few subjects, that you didn't eliminate all of the extraneous variables, that your control group and your experimental group weren't adequately matched, that you may have shown statistical significance but not practical significance, that your operational definitions of your variables were imprecise, and so on. The scientific method at its most rigid is so demanding that it's almost impossible to follow it perfectly, and people who are inclined to disbelieve tend also to insist that the people they disbelieve prove their points with perfect science. So whether scientific studies persuade people often depends more on their biases than on the nature of the research itself.

Second, the scientific method as it's currently defined tests drugs, not herbs. Its first step is to "identify, isolate, and synthesize the active elements," and those active elements - the chemicals that do the work - are what the scientific method proves. A plant goes in one side of the experimental method, in other words, and a drug comes out the other. Otherwise the test is considered inconclusive because without isolating a plant's active elements, you don't know exactly what's going on, so you've got uncontrolled variables that contaminate the results. A US News and World Report article called a particular plant product quackery, even though it's backed by more than 300 experimental tests. But those tests just proved the plant, not an isolated chemical, so the tests are discounted. Since Dr. Chen refuses to break his products down into drug-like chemicals, experimental tests designed to prove them are received with the same sort of skepticism.

Third, legal precedent suggests that products that relay on non-medical explanations aren't subject to medical control. So Dr. Chen could translate his ancient Chinese explanations (Yin/Yang, etc.) into the molecular explanations of modern medicine, but to assert those molecular explanations as evidence would cause them to be sent to medical boards for their stamp of approval, which they're not likely to give.

As a result of these and similar factors, although the products can be easily verified (and have been verified) through experimental studies, Sunrider doesn't use such studies as evidence.

Instead it asks us to consider five things: 1) the common sense of the Philosophy of Regeneration, 2) the long history of ancient Chinese success with health principles that differ from our own, 3) Dr. Chen's credentials, 4) other people's experience, and 5) our own experience. The purpose of the first four is to give us confidence to try the fifth - personal experience. If we use the products, we'll have all the evidence that we need. The fact is, people can learn more about the products by using them for two months than from a thousand experimental studies. People who find this approach unacceptable may disregard Sunrider, but we really have no choice but to allow them that right. If they're not inclined to accept these "unscientific" explanations, it's likely that they would also find the scientific proof unacceptable.

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Will Sunrider products let people overcome genetic disease?

Sunrider products can't change our genes. However, they may help genetic weaknesses in two ways.

First, some genetic weaknesses are dispositions toward certain diseases, and the diseases show up if we weaken ourselves through unhealthful living. Sunrider products, along with other health principles, can keep us strong so that the dispositions don't show themselves. Or if they've already shown themselves - if we've already experienced the illness, in other words - the products may strengthen the body enough to overcome it.

Second, with truly genetic diseases where the body is simply unable to perform a normal function, the products may help us compensate. Our body and mind are great compensators. Blind people develop sensitive touch, for example. People with paralyzed arms have learned to paint with their toes. People who've lost the speech center of the brain have learned to talk through parts of the brain that, in normal people, have nothing to do with speech. So the body and mind work around our weaknesses, and it's obvious that they can do it better when we're healthy than when we're not. So when people with genetic conditions take Sunrider products, they may experience fewer negative effects from their conditions, even though the conditions themselves haven't changed.

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Sunrider Business and Buying Products

Does Sunrider sell products in retail stores?

No. Sunrider products are sold through Distributors. You may also buy products directly from Sunrider. Instead of spending a lot of money on advertising or intermediate agents, Sunrider helps people make money without a big investment. Sunrider researches, develops, and self-manufactures their 400-plus products. You won't find the quality, safety, and exclusivity of their products in traditional retail chain stores. Their compensation plan rewards Distributors with generous bonuses for consuming, selling, and sharing their products. You can earn a good income with Sunrider and enjoy the best products.
Are you interested?

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How can I make money with Sunrider?

You only need to buy a Starter Pack to start making money.

  • Every time you sell products, including the Starter Pack, you can earn retail profits.

  • Accumulate $500 in product purchases, and you will earn the Club Member Bonus on your new downline's purchases. The Club Member Bonus is 20% of the Sunrider Sales Price. Selling 5 Starter Packs is a great way to accumulate $500 and build your business.*

  • Then, every month, consume and sell at least $100 personal SV (Sales Volume) and sponsor 2 new Distributors to sell products, including Starter Packs. Train your downline to do the same and you can earn a great income.

There is no other company that will give you such a good income when you first start the business. Sunrider's flexible compensation plan is for everyone - new people, those who want part-time income, full-time income, or leaders who want to build their own business. Most importantly, Sunrider is stable. You don't need to worry that the company will disappear.

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If I want to join Sunrider, what choices do I have?

Sunrider has the best opportunities for anyone:

  • If you want to enjoy the full benefits of the Compensation Plan and get the highest discounts, buy a Starter Pack, and join as a Distributor at no extra charge. You can make money right away by selling products and sharing the Sunrider opportunity.

  • If you want to buy products at the discounted Sunrider Sales Price, join as a Club Member for $30.

  • If you only want to enjoy the products, join online for free as a Retail Customer. After accumulating $500 worth of products at the retail price, you can upgrade to become a Distributor by paying $10 and filling out an application.

Sunrider has a wonderful program for you to follow: the more products you consume, the more bonuses you can earn!

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What is the difference between a Distributor, a Sunrider Club Member and a Retail Customer?

A Distributor is someone who wants to experience our wonderful financial opportunity and/or build a Sunrider business. Distributors earn generous bonuses and retail profits by selling products and Starter Packs and finding others who want to do the same. Distributors can also buy products at a 20% discount off of the Sunrider Sales Price (approximately 40% off of the retail price). You can become a Distributor by purchasing the Starter Pack and signing the Distributor Agreement.

A Club Member is someone who wants to buy Sunrider products at the Sales Price. You can become a Sunrider Club Member for $30. When you accumulate $700 worth of products, you can advance to our Silver Club Membership and enjoy an additional 10% savings off the Sales Price. Accumulate $1,000 in 12 months, and you will advance to our Gold Club Membership and enjoy an additional 20% savings off the Sales Price.

A Retail Customer is someone who enjoys Sunrider Products. Retail Customers can buy products directly from Sunrider at the retail price. You can become a Retail Customer by signing up for free.

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How is Sunrider's compensation plan different?

There are many direct selling and multi-level compensation plans available, such as binary systems and straight systems. However, Sunrider's compensation plan is unique and superior in several important ways.

  • Make money from the beginning. In many network systems, new people have trouble making money in the beginning because the money goes to the uplines. In binary systems, most people never complete both legs and end up losing money. In Sunrider's plan, new Distributors can start making money as soon as they join by selling products and earning retail profits. They can also quickly qualify to earn the Club Member Bonus, which has no monthly requirements.

  • Make a stable, long-term income. In binary systems, you only make money when you have two complete legs. It's very hard to sustain long-term. Direct selling or party plans have a limited income potential and high turnover. Also, most networking companies only pay out 10% to 40%. Sunrider's compensation plan offers stability, high income potential and one of the best payouts in the industry. Sunrider pays out an actual 58.5% of World SV (Sales Volume) in networking bonuses. Rewards include generous bonus checks, dream homes, new automobiles, and fun vacations.* Other companies come and go, but Sunrider has been in business since 1982 and has never missed a payout.

  • Make money while you sleep. Sunrider has a global compensation plan so you can do business in 40 countries. This allows you to make money around the clock.

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Does Sunrider have a standing product order?

No. Sunrider does not have a standing order because it is not practical. In other companies, their customers usually cancel standing orders in a couple of months. Sunrider offers a wide variety of high-quality products for your nutritional, skin care, and home care needs.

Our Distributors and customers like to choose their own products. We promote the Starter Pack because it's a great introduction to Sunrider products and also helps new people make money. Our business is a people business: we want you to communicate with your downline every week instead of relying on unstable standing orders.

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What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is part of the thriving direct-selling industry. In network marketing, Independent Distributors sell a consumable product, person-to-person - away from a fixed, retail location like a supermarket or department store. Network marketing plans compensate Distributors on their own product sales and on the product sales of their downline (network). As a network marketing company, Sunrider offers many benefits to its Distributors, including:

  • A generous, global compensation plan so you can build a stable income

  • Flexible work hours - you choose your own hours

  • Your very own business with a small initial investment

  • Access to the finest herbal health products for your family and home

  • Opportunity for people of all ages (over 18), education levels, and backgrounds to earn extra income*

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What is a downline? What is an upline?

Your "downline" consists of all the people you've sponsored to join as Sunriders, and all the people they've sponsored to join, and so on. Another way to say this is that your downline is all the people "under you" according to the sign-up relationships.

Your "upline" consists of the people who sponsored you to join as a Sunrider, and the people who sponsored them to join, and so on - all the way up the ranks to the company.

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What is the Marketing Tool Pack?

The Marketing Tool Pack contains professionally designed brochures, presentation tools, CD-ROMS, and DVDs to help you succeed as a Sunrider sales leader. This pack is ideal for any Distributor who wants to improve his or her sales skills. Once you buy the Marketing Tool Pack, you will have everything you need to promote Sunrider and train your downline.

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What do you do for a living?

I own my own Sunrider business. It's a great opportunity for people who want to start their own business and enjoy financial freedom. The company has a great compensation plan and the best products. Sunrider researches and develops and manufactures their products. Sunrider products are superior, unique and effective and have a great marketing potential. I can help you start your own Sunrider business. Are you interested?

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